Biotherapy Links & Community Resources

Be sure to check out the vast array of support resources posted here on the Monarch Labs website. If you are still looking for more information about biotherapy, these links to off-site resources might help:

Internet sites specializing in maggot therapy:

  1. BioTherapeutics, Education & Research Foundation at

  2. Wound Care Education Network at

Media and internet postings:

  1. Maggots Faster Than Scalpel in Wound Debridement, by Emma Hitt, PhD. Medscape Medical News, December 19, 2011. at:

  2. Maggot Therapy May Assist in Wound Healing, by Denise Mann. WebMD Health News, December 19, 2011. at:

  3. Maggot Debridement Promotes Healing of Long-Standing Wounds, by D. Keller. Medscape Medical News, September 28, 2011. at:

  4. Grubs up. By Hugh Wilson; The Independent (March 1, 2005) at:

  5. Leeches, maggots and parasitic worms can play healing role By Carol M. Ostrom; Seattle Times staff reporter (August 04, 2004). at:

  6. Medieval Miracle Workers - Are Maggots Making a Medical Comeback? By Jennifer Wenger; NIH Record, July 20, 2004; Vol. LVI, No. 15. at:

  7. Tiny surgeons: Maggot therapy clears the dead tissue cleanly, by Christopher Snowbeck, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 13, 2004. at:

  8. Maggots and leeches: Good medicine By Rita Rubin, USA TODAY, July 7. 2004. at:

  9. Maggots Best in Debriding Nonhealing Ulcers, by Laurie Barclay, MD. Medscape Medical News, January 31, 2003. at:

  10. BBC News (Maggot medicine gains popularity; April 6, 2002 at:

  11. BBC News (Doctor! There's a maggot in my wound; 3/6/99) at:

  12. BBC News (Maggot Cure for 'Unbeatable' Bug; 3/19/99) at:

  13. CNN Online (10/20/97) at:

Publications & Clinical Studies:

The place to begin your search is at our Bibliography page.

Videos and Multimedia:

Again, begin your search at our Multimedia pages video page.

Then visit the BTER Foundation's Multimedia pages.

Therapist Referrals

If you are looking for a therapist to evaluate your wound for maggot therapy, first ask your current physician or surgeon. S/he knows you already, and can provide local care and follow-up. Your current doctor or wound care therapist may already have experience with maggot therapy. Even if not, the procedure is simple enough that most licensed therapists can do it their first time with ease. We have a clinical consultant on-call to assist your therapist. Courses are also available (see the BTER Foundation's Biotherapy Courses site).

If that is not possible, or if your therapist would like to speak with others who have more experience, check out the BTER Foundation's web-searchable list of therapists.

If you still do not find a therapist in your area, you may contact us directly. Sorry, we cannot post the names of therapists or their contact information, without their permission.

We are here to help!

Don't forget - if you have any other questions that have not already been addressed elsewhere on our website, then just contact us!

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