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Monarch Labs announces the release of their latest maggot therapy dressing: LeFlap DuJour. This dressing is similar to the popular LeFlap dressing, except the DuJour model can be cut into any shape, to custom-fit a variety of wounds. Contact Monarch Labs for your free sample.

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~ Selected Video and Interview Links ~
Medical Maggots (TM) (germ-free, laboratory-grown fly larvae) are used for a wide variety of non-healing wounds, including pressure ulcers ("bed sores"), venous stasis ulcers, neuropathic foot ulcers (like many types of diabetic ulcers) and non-healing traumatic or post surgical wounds.

The videos below are divided into two sections:
They were produced by the BTER Foundation. When you support the non-profit BTER Foundation, you are supporting maggot therapy patients, education, and research.

Video Interviews

What do people say about maggot therapy? Not people who have never had a non-healing wound, but people who REALLY know what it is like to require medication, dressings, maybe even surgery, in order to heal their wounds.

Here you can watch interviews of patients talking about their experiences with chronic wounds, and maggot therapy. These people really KNOW about maggot therapy.

Steve Kozub speaks about his maggot treatments

Pam Mitchell: "Maggot therapy saved my legs and my life"

Doctor interview with Dr. Torsiello, Part 1:

Doctor interview with Dr. Torsiello, Part 2:

Instructional Videos: How to make maggot dressings

(Note: Reportedly, no patients were used or harmed in the making of this video. The actors are just medical students.)

Part 1: The maggot dressings are applied.

Instructional Video: MDT Dressings, Part 2: The dressings are removed.

Additional information about maggots and maggot dressings can be found in our Support Pages.

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