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Package Inserts

Package Inserts

Monarch Labs produces and distributes biotherapeutic products for wound care. Our flagship product is Medicinal Maggots™ – the first live animal ever to be granted marketing clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To view the package inserts for Medicinal Maggots™ or other wound care products, select the product of interest below. Note that not all products have separate product inserts. For example, instructions for using Sheer Comfort™ are included in the Medicinal Maggots™ product insert because Sheer Comfort™ are considered an accessory to Medicinal Maggots™

Medicinal Maggots™

250 larvae per vial

Sheer Comfort™

Polyester Net Dressing for Maggot Therapy (The product instructions appear on the Medicinal Maggots™ package insert).

Le Soc™

Polyester net bag- or tube-like maggot confinement dressing, (fixed weave, comes in various sizes).

Sheer Comfort™ Nylon Stockings

(kneehighs & pantyhose) - sterilized nylon stockings and pantyhose, used as maggot confinement dressings (stretchable weave).